For ages, mortals have given their faith and dedication to the gods, in exchange for power of incredible strength. But over the past five hundred years, the gods have lost followers, and henceforth lost their powers. They have become so weak that the ancient Primordials have attempted to once again throw the world into chaos. As the gods and Primordials battle, the mortal plane has fallen into ruin. Patches where no vegetation exists stand next to huge forests, lava patches and frozen wastelands stand side by side, and demons raise armies to assist them in taking over what is left of the mortal realm. Meanwhile, those who survived the first battles live in a harsh world, where the only existing magics come from powers far older than the gods, making them incredibly rare, but equally as powerful. Do you attempt to create light in a world filled with darkness, do you search for glory in a world full of fear, or do you stand aside as others more courageous fight for power? The world is harsh, magic is scarce. The gods are silent as the world of mortals crumbles. This is the world you live in. This is where you have grown up. You are a paragon of hope in these dark times. Your quest is survival. Your challenge is life. This is Nyghtfall.


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