The warrior of an age long since past.


Back in the Spring of his life, when his fur was brown and covered in healthy living remnants of the forest, Zedloar lived with his tribe of Wilden. He was the tribe’s shaman and connection to the spirit of their forest, the great black bear. He lived when the world was pure and nature was well preserved. Then came the turn of the world; as it became corrupted and unstable Zedloar had to watch as his tribe began to diminish. Soon the entire species of Wildens died out, save for a strong few. Nature, itself, became a dying breed.

Zedloar made a pact with the spirit of the forest his tribe so revered. Zedloar would bring back the great bear’s forest if he could help him survive the turn of the world. The spirit harnessed it’s remaining powers to put Zedloar into hibernation. His body was protected by the spirit of the forest for many years. Eventually the bear could no longer sustain Zedloar’s sleep and was forced to wake him. As Zedloar awoke, he realized how much older he had become. His once powerful youth had vanished and been replaced by the wisdom of age. His fur had become a filthy white and all the remnants of the forest that had become apart of him had withered and died. Still he continued to explore this new world with what he had saved of the forest: a few seeds, the bear spirit and his memories. Now he travels the new world slowly trying to restore nature, his tribe and his stolen youth.


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